Life Enrichment Activity Coordinator
Milton Ernest
Full Time, £8.50 per hour


To be responsible for the planning and day-to-day provision and supervision of activity programmes for residents; ensuring that they do not become institutionalised by living in the care situation. To work with all departments, families and other carers, using a whole home approach, to ensure that residents maintain and use their skills and develop new interests.

  • To work closely with all departments, families and other carers to provide a therapeutic environment by offering residents the choice of varied activity programmes that meet their individual needs.
  • To undertake a baseline assessment of each resident on their admission to the service concerning previous work history and leisure interests. This assessment will determine:
a) Previous occupation
b) Hobbies and Interests
c) Any changes to the usual pattern of day that may need to be considered.
  • To review the baseline assessment at least monthly.
  • To make appropriate notes and summaries in the residents Care Plan Record.
  • To work closely with the named nurse/key worker to determine the types of activities that are appropriate for each resident, and if relevant to support the development of a Nursing Care Plan.
  • To develop a Weekly Programme of Activities and, after approval from the Care-Coordinator/Home Manager, to display this in the Lounge areas. The programme will be flexible and varied to prevent institutionalisation.
  • The objective of the Activities Programme will be determined by the individual requirements of each resident, but should be varied sufficiently to incorporate the following areas: –
  • Occupational Therapy, e.g. Home based domestic activities, assisting tidying, cleaning room, setting tables etc.
  • Social Activities, e.g. Concerts, parties, bingo, outings and other activities that encourage social interaction.
  • Creative Therapy, e.g. crafts, sewing, painting, baking, gardening etc.
  • Daily Living Activities, e.g. Self-care, make up, hairdressing etc.
  • Reality Orientation, e.g. signs and clues within the home environment, current affairs and news discussions, communication from staff etc.
  • Keep Fit Activities, e.g. musical movement, seated physical activity etc.
  • Small Group Activities, e.g. board games, quizzes etc.
  • Leisure and Free Time, e.g. ensuring that residents have ample opportunity for their own free time.
  • To support the Home Manager to invite and encourage outside voluntary and other agencies to visit: – e.g. Churches, Choirs, Students etc.
  • To support all care staff to participate in structured activities.
  • To raise funds and support fund raising activities to provide additional amenities for service users.
  • To develop a productive relationship with the local dementia action alliance, e.g. offering a venue for memory cafes, discussions and dementia friendly events
  • To support the Home Manager to arrange special social events within the home and attend as and when required.
  • To undertake any training necessary for the completion of your duties.
  • To attend staff and other meetings as appropriate.
  • To undertake any other duties as and when required.
  • To abide by all company Policies and Procedures in accordance with the Staff Handbook and Policy and Procedure File.

Candidate requirements


  • Genuine interest in working within a caring environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Team Player
  • Willingness to participate in vocational training programmes
  • Satisfactory DBS check
  • Previous experience of developing and delivering activity programmes for residents


  • Experience of using assessment tools
  • Experience of gathering life history information from residents
  • Experience of using occupation and/or creative therapies with residents
  • Relevant Vocational Qualification (achieved or working towards)
  • Full, clean driving licence

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